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Customer Testimonials for Skyway Vehicle Sales

Joe Martins - 2009 Audi A5

I had a very good experience at Skyway Vehicle Sales working with Raj and his team. I purchased a 2009 Audi A5 from Raj at a very great price. Before finding myself at Skyway, I extensively researched the car that I wanted and knew how much it was worth and had an idea of what to look for... with that said, Raj offered a very fair price compared to other examples of this vehicle elsewhere in the country and I was very happy to give my business to a fellow car enthusiast. I was surprised to see that a 30 day, 1k mile warranty was offered at time of purchase, I'm used to buying vehicles that are sold As-Is so this was definitely an unexpected surprise! Raj was very straightforward and honest with the product that he offered and I felt as if I was able to take his word at face value. I will say that by the time I got home I one of the tail light bulbs went out on me and the license plate light bulbs were out. I had those replaced the next day by a trusted mechanic who also looked over the car; he did not identify anything overtly wrong or anything that might prove to be an issue soon. I will caveat this positive review with this; buying a used car out of warranty will ALWAYS have risks involved (I have purchased many used cars, some good, some bad). Raj has done a great job of taking care of me and providing as best of service as possible. Based on the service he provided alone, I would buy from him again. I recommend him to anyone interested in buying from an honest, down to earth dealer. Hope this helps prospective buyers, at least give Skyway a call, you might be surprised.

Carolyn Timmons - 2011 Mini Cooper

2011 MINI Cooper was presented as advertised. Good experience negotiating a decent price. Would recommend dealership.

TCCNJ - 2004 Toyota Solara

The Skyway staff are very customer-focused. There were no high-pressure sales tactics used and the staff were very friendly. The location is a bit off-the beaten-path, but the quality of the vehicles on this lot are excellent. We took one test drive and we were sold. After our purchase, we had a small issue with the sunroof, but Raj and the team resolved this very quickly (and threw in an additional car wash!). I would recommend this dealership because the staff are attentive, very kind and friendly, and most of all....HONEST!

Dana H - 2012 Volkswagan CC

I was looking for a specific car and found the car of my dreams at Skyway. Raj was very polite, professional, and helpful without pressuring me. I love my car and Skyway was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great reliable vehicle. Honest and trustworthy. So happy i had the opportunity to buy from this dealer.

Cecily Mbarire - 2007 Lexus GS 350

Raj has very good cars and they are very great. I bought a 2007 Lexus GS 350 and i love this car.

Katelyn - 2011 Honda CR-Z

I sold my car at Skyway and it was a GREAT experience. Raj was very nice and very helpful. He gave me a good price for my car and it was an easy process. I went to other places for a comparison and it wasn't even close. No one I met was as nice or as fair as Raj. Going forward if I am selling a car I will only go to Skyway.

Patrick Kisuule - 2009 Toyota Rav4

Great customer service. Great experience. Bought my Rav 4 at this dealership and its turn out to be great car for my family.

Yifeng - 2012 Honda Civic

This is the best place to sell used car. They are really professional.

Samuel F - 2006 Mercedes C280

I went to Skyway looking for an affordable vehicle that would be in great condition and that's exactly what I found. The financing process was quick and easy and I was relieved that Skyway was able to help me although I had fair/poor credit. My used Mercedes C280 runs beautifully as if it's brand new. The selection of cars at Skyway are in top condition. The staff is very helpful and accommodating and they work with you until you are satisfied.

Wanda - 2011 Toyota Camry

This is my second time buying a car from this dealer and is the best the choices I made in my life, I got a Honda Accord 07 over 6 months ago, a month ago my husband got a Toyota Camry 2011 and both cars run like champs!!! No problem at all just like Raj told us, all we have done to our cars so far is only oil change that's about it!!! You guys sell the best cars and you guys have the most friendly customer services out there... Always with a smile and beautiful greeting!!! Our daughter should be getting her license soon and I can't wait to buy a car from you guys... You guys rock!!

Ricardo Rodriguez - 2002 Chevy Impala

I had an excellent experience at this dealership, Raj makes you feel comfortable asking questions and discussing the 02 Impala that i wanted. He was very knowledgeable about the impala, gave important information. He made me feel good about buying a car. Very knowledgeable about vehicles, doesn't pressure you, always with you every step of the way with your car buying needs. Best experience if you are looking to purchase a Good Quality Vehicle. I will recommend this dealership to friends, great service, very professional. Thanks Raj Im enjoying my 02 impala